Customer centric transportation design

At its core, Tale Notation is the combined power of more than 20 years of expertise in transportation design by leading professionals in the field that aim to shape the future of customer-centric transportation design.

Notation and Tale’s designers possess a deep understanding in the design of train exteriors and interiors after leading significant projects in the field such as Zurich tram or NSB Norway. But as much as we believe in specialization, we also believe that a wide spectrum of disciplines and expertise enriches everything we do. That’s why we create digital and physical products for an international client base from a wide range of industries instead of specializing in only one field.

Members of our team have been leading train design projects for various manufacturers, suppliers and train operators and are experienced in many other fields.

Industrial Design
UX Design
Brand Identity

Relevance of Design

Customers’ desires when it comes to transportation are ever-changing. First and foremost, design must find the best answer to satisfy these needs in order to convince customers that trains are among the best and most convenient ways to travel. Customer satisfaction is key. But to successfully master train design development, the brand that the train operator stands for must be reflected and smartly linked to regulatory and feasibility demands.

Our services

Notation and Tale adeptly address these requirements while delivering practical yet captivating solutions that are optimally manufacturable. Our expertise spans from initial sketches to the creation of stunning, state-of-the-art pitch presentations, and extends to meticulous detailing and implementation support. Our clients benefit from our experience, creativity, focus on feasibility and unwavering reliability.

Who is behind Tale Notation: Notation and Tale are two independent product design agencies based in Zurich and Basel with a total of 28 award-winning professionals from various disciplines. We create digital and physical products for an international client base from a wide range of industries.

Oliver Berger
Manuel Ailinger
Alexandra Lasky
Seulmi Mia Kang
Philipp Gilgen
Noël Oegerli

We are enthusiastic about designing tomorrow’s trains. If you would like to know more about why and how we would tackle it to consider us as your potential future cooperation partner, we would be delighted to get in touch.

Noël Oegerli
Managing Partner at Tale
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